Lundi le 25 février 2002
From many sides it was said that to accept China in the WTO, as well as to give Beijing the 2008 Olympics, would have had a humanizing effect in the country. However, it has not been like this. Our last report on religious liberty in China, issued a few days ago, reveals unequivocally that things have worsened. In the last months the state has intensified the persecution of religions that it cannot control.
9:13:36 AM
Pursuing personal good at the expense of the common good is, in the long term, not in the interest of anyone, not even the greedy and the selfish persons who do so.
9:09:50 AM
The Vatican this Thursday will publish two documents on the challenges Internet that poses to ethics and evangelization.
9:07:43 AM
Retraite de carême 2002, Jean-Paul II : A la Vierge du silence, qui a su conserver la lumière de la foi même dans les heures les plus sombres, demandons la grâce d´un carême vivifié par la prière. Que Marie éclaire les coeurs et nous aide à adhérer fidèlement en toute circonstance aux desseins de Dieu.
9:00:23 AM