Dimanche le 13 avril 2008
You don’t need a cardinal to answer that

In a satirical manner, Cardinal Arinze criticized a standard pro-abortion political argument. “To the person who says, ‘Personally, I am against abortion, but then if people really want to do it I leave them free’ you can say ‘You are a member of the senate or the congress. “‘Personally I am not in favor of shooting the whole lot of you, but if somebody else wants to shoot all of you in the senate or all of you in the congress, it’s just pro-choice for that. “’But personally I’m not in favor.’ “That is what they are saying,” the cardinal argued. “They are saying that personally, he is not in favor of killing these millions of children in the womb, but if others want to do it, he is pro-choice.”... The cardinal noted that he is often asked if a politician who votes for abortion should receive Holy Communion. He said his reply was, “Do you really need a cardinal from the Vatican to answer that?” “Get the children for first communion and say to them, somebody votes for the killing of unborn babies, and says, I voted for that, I will vote for that every time and these babies are killed, not one or two, but in millions, and that person says I am a practicing Catholic, should that person receive communion next Sunday? “The children for first communion will answer that at the drop of a hat. You don’t need a cardinal to answer that.”
7:12:51 AM