Lundi le 1 février 2010
Modern Pharisees pervade Church
5:09:15 AM
Le sacrement de réconciliation et le dialogue avec un prêtre
5:07:32 AM
One of the greatest fruits is the joy that millions of people discover when they experience true reconciliation in this place...the spirituality of Medjugorge, a way of life that offers renewal every day when we focus on our own poverty and acknowledge in the midst of all our limitations our God is available as a source of nourishment and sustenance. Personal conversion is our life journey. That is, an inner movement that connects us deeper to our God. There are many fruits associated with Medjugorge, the late Pope John Paul II called it the “confessional of the world” when he considered the importance of reconciliation in all our lives. Many young addicts now are living lives of contentment and fulfillment because of a real encounter with God’s love. Medjugorje is the home of the Cenacalo communities that accompany, through prayer and fellowship, young people whose lives were once destroyed by addiction to harmful substances. The testimonies of healing and recovery by these good people are truly inspirational and life giving. In a time when so many are struggling and are burdened I think of this great gift given to inspire and heal.
5:05:54 AM
Tucson designer encourages Catholics to get 'mantled'
4:59:57 AM