Samedi le 19 octobre 2013
Catéchèse du 14 octobre, Mgr Christian Lépine, Archevêque de Montréal

10:03:16 AM
Pope Francis: Growing Old is part of Life. No One is Spared

October 18, 2013. ( During his daily morning Mass, Pope Francis talked about the life journey of being young and over time growing old. He explained that the experience of Moses, St. Paul and John the Baptist remind Christians that no one can escape the solitude and anguish that comes at the end of one's life. ...
9:30:03 AM
Prayer of the heart

"Before the beautiful - no, not really before but within the beautiful - the whole person quivers. He not only 'finds' the beautiful moving; rather, he experiences himself as being moved and possessed by it. The more complete this experience is, the less does a person seek and enjoy only the delight that comes through the senses or even through any act of his own; the less also does he reflect on his own acts and states. Such a person has been taken up wholesale into the reality of the beautiful and is now fully subordinate to it, determined by it, animated by it." (Hans Urs Von Balthasar, Glory of the Lord 240)

"Faith in the full Christian sense can be nothing other than this: to make the whole man a space that responds to the divine content. Faith attunes man to this sound; it confers on man the ability to react precisely to this divine experiment, preparing him to be a violin that receives just this touch of the bow, to serve as material for just this house to be built, to provide the rhyme for just this verse being composed. This was the reaction already envisaged when the Covenant was made on Sinai: "Be holy, because I am holy." " (Hans Urs Von Balthasar, Glory of the Lord: Seeing the Form, I:220)
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