Lundi le 8 décembre 2014
Hermits of our times - Orthodox Christian Monasticism (Hesychasm)

8:10:50 PM
Haunted by Souls in Purgatory

“surrender yourself totally to divine love. You have to let yourself be transformed by love until you are converted into a perfect instrument of love…. Give yourself in everything to the pure will of God…This is the perfection that is asked of you, and you should work for one thing only: to glorify God who is love.”

He explained that for many souls, they are motivated to avoid purgatory out of fear but instead should seek the love of God and desire his glory. “Understand well what I am telling you now: The only way to avoid purgatory is not to do everything to avoid it, but to do everything to go to heaven. … Everything else is vanity.”
2:12:23 PM