Mercredi le 7 janvier 2015
Les apparitions de la Rue du Bac, médaille miraculeuse - par Par Françoise Breynaert, docteur en théologie

3:06:56 PM
Inside the Confessional: What Is It Like for a Priest?

I was once riding in a shuttle-bus with a number of older folks on the way from an airport. They noticed that I was a priest and started asking questions about it.

“Do you do all of the priest stuff?”


“Even the Confession thing?”

“Yeah. All the time.”

One older lady gasped, “Well, I think that that would be the worst. It would be so depressing; hearing all about people’s sins.”

I told them that it was the exact opposite. There is almost no greater place to be than with someone when they are coming back to God.
9:42:09 AM