Jeudi le 8 janvier 2015
Confession - Saint Faustina

(During a time of illness) Suddenly I felt sick, I gasped for breath, there was darkness before my eyes, my limbs grew numb – and there was a terrible suffocation. Even a moment of such suffocation is extremely long…There also comes a strange fear, in spite of trust. I wanted to receive the last sacraments, but it was extremely difficult to make a confession even though I desired to do so. …Oh, may God keep every soul from delaying confession until the last hour! I understand the great power of the priest’s words when they are poured out upon a sick person’s soul. When I asked my spiritual father whether I was ready to stand before the Lord and whether I could be at peace, I received the reply, “You can be completely at peace, not only right now but after each weekly confession.” Great is the divine grace that accompanies these words of the priest. The soul feels power and courage for battle. (321)
8:26:10 PM
REALITY—A Synthesis Of Thomistic Thought - by Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O. P.


Following the order of St. Thomas, we dwell here, first, on the necessity of grace, second, on its essence, third, on its divisions, fourth, on its causes, fifth, on its effects, which are justification and merit.
5:16:36 AM