Jeudi le 14 mai 2015
Extend pastoral care to non-believers; Benedict XVI

The Pope Emeritus wrote that "the service of a shepherd cannot be only limited only to the Church," even though "in the first place, we are entrusted with the care of the faithful and of those who are directly seeking faith."

The Church, he maintained, "is part of the world, and therefore it can properly play its service only if it takes care of the world in its entirety."

According to Benedict XVI, the "Word of God concerns the totality of reality, and this actuality places on the Church a general responsibility." This is the reason why the Church "must be involved in the efforts that humanity and society put into action" for a path toward justice and why the Church must "find a way of reasoning" that would also include non-believers, he contended.

The full letter was published in the German original and in an Italian-language translation as an introduction to a new book by Cardinal Bertone.
2:57:45 PM