Mercredi le 9 août 2017
Our Lady of Laus, refuge of sinners

I found this article interesting, it relates the apparitions of Laus in France where Our Lady insisted to Benoite (Benedicta) Rencurel .. practically notably about the importance of sacramental confession... these apparitions lasted for almost 54 years! Our own call to union to God as layperson, must take some time to reflect also on "Benoite, an uncultured country girl, (who) received her mission from Our Lady: For 54 years, she guided pilgrims, and called for conversion and mercy. To the poor and the small, God reveals himself. And Benoite, a laywoman, was the messenger of God. How can we not see in her the very example of the responsible layman?"

The humble shepherdess, the French prelate continued, "was a modern example of the engaged laity in the life of one's community, as called for by the Second Vatican Council. She speaks to men of our time, she guides those who search, those who dig into this interior source for true life."
Nestled in the southern French Alps lies the small farming village of St. Saint-Etienne d'Avancon. On September 16, 1647, Benoite (Benedicta) Rencurel was born -- the second of three girls-- to very poor parents. When Benoite was only seven years old, her father passed away leaving her family in eve...
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