Mardi le 31 décembre 2013

Mosaïque de la basilique Sainte-Sophie, à Constantinople/Istanbul, au dessus du choeur; Marie Theotokos.

Le titre de Théotokos (du grec Θεοτόκος, « qui a enfanté Dieu »), attribué à Marie, apparaît sous la plume d’Alexandre d’Alexandrie en 325, l’année du Premier concile de Nicée ; ensuite, longtemps avant celui d'Éphèse (431), il est très fréquent. Dans l'Église latine, le titre de Mère de Dieu est parfois rendu par deipare.
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That Day Pope Francis Knew He Would Be A Priest

The future Pope Francis recalls one day, while a student of chemistry at an industrial college..."It was September 21 – I always remember this – I went out for a walk with some friends and I passed the Iglesia de Flores. I went inside the church, I entered, I felt that I had to enter, there are things that you feel inside and you don’t really know what they are. I looked and it was dark, a September morning, and I saw a priest coming. I didn’t know him, he wasn’t from that church, and then he sat down in the last confessional, on the left, facing the alter, and then I don’t know what happened to me.”

Bergoglio continued: “I felt like somebody grabbed me from inside and took me to the confessional. I’m not sure what happened there, clearly I must have confessed, but I don’t know what happened, and when I finished confessing, I asked the priest where he was from, because I didn’t know him,” the future Pope recalled. “He said ‘I’m from Corrientes (an Argentine city near the border with Paraguay), and I am living near here, in the rectory, and I am going to lead mass here occasionally.’"

Bergoglio recalled that the priest was suffering from leukemia, and died the following year. "While I was there I felt that I had to become a priest, and I didn’t doubt it,” Bergoglio remembered.
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